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We believe in spending sufficient time with patients to understand their ailments and concerns. This is our way of establishing an honest rapport with them and helps in facilitating an effective treatment leading to a cure.

Patient Care

At CIM, patient history and other parameters are carefully analysed to arrive at a customized form of treatment that guarantees results.



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Health and Stress Management

A handbook of vital tips for maintenance of Health (2nd edition-revised)

“25 Minutes Yoga for You”- Dr B. Bapuji, Dr Rani Bapuji

25 Minutes Yoga every day

There are hundreds of yogic postures (yogasanas) described in hathayoga, some are very difficult and some are frightening from layman’s point of view. Hence, a simple 25 minutes yoga regimen has been designed which can be adopted by everyone between the ages of 10 to 60 years provided they don’t have specific medical contraindication.

This regimen can be attempted at home. It may be borne in mind that though the postures in this regimen look very simple by way of technique, it takes atleast 8 to 12 weeks of constant effort to attain a reasonable perfection.

People who have specific problems of health where some of the exercises may be contraindicated should take clearance either from us or from their physician before taking up this regimen. Read more >>

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