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Weight loss at home

Weight loss at home

People who have to lose only 10 to 15 Kgs. can go on moderate diet restriction with onlyone cooked meal a day i.e., lunch or brunch plus the second meal being raw salads and seasonal and regional fruits. Apart from this they can have 3 cups of coffee with sugar per day. For better results they can also remain on only liquids (8 times including 3 cups of coffee or tea plus 2 litres of water) two intermittent days in a week ie., Monday and Thursday. Fasting is not possible holidays. When one is busy in work, one will not be tempted for solid food. The cooked meal should not contain sweets, desserts, excess fats, high quantities spices and salt (pickles and chutneys). Check weight once in a week only. With this regimen one can lose 1 Kg. per week.

With the help of a specialist’s advice various diets suitable for one’s customs and habits can be undertaken and can lose 10 kgs. in about 2 and ½ months period.

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