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Integrated medicine is the combining of two or more systems practiced together to bring about the best results possible for the well being of an individual. It is both medicare and health care. Our training program seeks to imbibe the latest diagnostic skills and medical knowledge to doctors of Natural Medicine, i.e. Naturopathy who have recently graduated.

We intend to make them aware of what cases are treatable and what cannot be treated – this distinction, we believe, is important.

The program has been designed carefully keeping the objectives of the Centre in mind as well. What we do at CIM is what we expect our trainees to follow as well.

Spending some quality time with the patients and listening to their problems by being emphatic and good listeners is something we believe in. We intend to build a trusting and professional relationships with each of our patients and by extension, their families, colleagues and community members.

Our job and subsequently your job is to provide guidance and care, customized to the patient’s need keeping in mind other important aspects.

Fresh graduates of BNYS, Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences are welcome to apply and the right of admission is determined by Dr. B. Bapuji and Dr. B. Aditya Bapuji.

The training period is for six months and we require our trainees to be regular, punctual, follow the code of conduct and adhere to the leave criteria.

Trainee Speak

<span> , Acupuncturist - Canyon Ranch, USA </span>
"I am Dr. Rajashri Pathuri from Hyderabad, currently working at Canyon Ranch, USA as an acupuncturist. I came to know about Dr. Bapuji and Nature Cure Health Care Center through Dr. Vivek Chaitanya, when I was pursuing my third year B.N.Y.S. I met him later on in 2011, during the time Dr. Nupur was working at the clinic. I officially met Dr. Bapuji and Dr. Aditya only after I finished my Masters.

I was always interested in opening a clinic of my own, and I’d heard a lot about Dr. Bapuji and CIM. CIM is all about integration of modern medicine and alternative medicine i.e. naturopathy, so joining here made sense and learning the essence of CIM.

And I’m glad  I did. It has been a life changing experience with both the doctors. Learning from their experiences and their knowledge has given me enough confidence and encouragement; not just in the field of medicine, but also in other areas which is essential especially when dealing with different kinds of people.

I have never attended a program that is equivalent to the one at CIM. It is way ahead of all other programs I attended as an Undergraduate or Postgraduate. Although, I am yet to start my career, training here at CIM has given me enough courage and confidence to open my own clinic and face problems on my own.

Coming to Dr. Bapuji, he is the best teacher I’ve had and will ever have. A true family physician with enormous knowledge and experience, it was fun, exciting, enjoyable and sometimes scary experience. I’ve spent the best days of my life here at CIM with Dr. Bapuji and Dr. Aditya.

Dr. Aditya is young, dynamic, knowledgeable and extremely patient doctor. A good teacher, I have learnt how to handle patients from him and he is also a very good friend."

- Dr. Rajashri Pathuri , Acupuncturist - Canyon Ranch, USA
<span> , Chairman - Sukheebhava Nature Health Care Center</span>
"I am Dr. S.U.N. Prasad, Chairman of Sukheebhava Nature Health Care Center, Guntur. I came to know about Dr. Bapuji through my wife, Dr. Nupur, M.D. Sukheebhava Nature Health Care Center.

Her grandparents were Late Dr. B. Venkatrao’s students. Dr. Venkatrao was the legend in Andhra Pradesh for Naturopathy. Her parents and grandparents had seen Dr. Bapuji and his successful clinic practice and were interested in sending their children, Dr. Nupur and Dr. Ankur for training.

Dr. Nupur joined the clinic and I was working with Manthena Satyanarayana Raju Nature Cure Ashram in Bhodhan, Nizamabad. But, Dr. Bapuji insisted that both of us should get trained at the same time, and that was a very valuable piece of advice.

From September 2012 to March 2013, both of us were trainees under Dr. Bapuji and Dr. Aditya and were taught all the standard examination methods, diagnosis, pharmacology, radiological investigation [x-rays and M.R.I. reading] by Dr. Bapuji and current advanced methods of diagnosis and drugs by Dr. Aditya.

We were taught about the systems of the body in an order with practical experience which has been helpful when I set up my practice in Guntur. We have been getting very good results by the chiropractics we used for back pain, and by the 13th month, we are running our clinic successfully.

I hope and advice all my juniors to go for training under Dr. Bapuji and Dr. Aditya as it was an excellent experience and I thank you for giving me this opportunity."

- Dr S.U.N. Prasad , Chairman - Sukheebhava Nature Health Care Center
<span> , Wellness Consultant, Mumbai</span>
"I am Dr. Mithilesh and I am currently employed as a Wellness Consultant in Mumbai. I was introduced to Dr. Bapuji and Dr. Aditya by Dr. Prasad and Dr. Nupur.

After seeing the results of his diet chart for Vitiligo for my mother, first hand, I decided that CIM was indeed a great place to undergo training.

And it was. The training at CIM is impeccable and like a proper journey for a fresh graduate. Right from clinical, establishment, maintenance of stocks and staff, accounting, revenue, planning of tailor made treatment programs and pricing – all these were taught to us. It was like a combination of everything, much like the thali meals we receive in restaurants, whereas everywhere else, we have to choose like an ala-carte service at a restaurant.

It has definitely shaped my career. I learnt how to conduct proper examinations, write case sheets and conduct investigations of M.R.I’s and X-rays particularly. We were trained to read the films directly rather than bias ourselves with the report.

But what sets CIM apart, is the amount of confidence Dr. Bapuji gives us and I have personally evolved as a better person after my training here.

Coming to Dr. Aditya, he is a fun loving person and very sincere in work. His fresh knowledge helped me update my pharmacology knowledge and new inventions. He is also a person who will stand by you, even in hard times. It sometimes feel like both of us have been cut from the same cloth."

- Dr Mithilesh , Wellness Consultant, Mumbai
<span> , Naturopath, Nature Cure Hospital, Raipur</span>
"My whole family is a huge fan of Dr. Bapuji and that is how I heard about him initially. Both my sister and her husband, Dr. Nupur Prasad and Dr. Uma Naga Prasad had completed their training at CIM and I kind of knew I had to join CIM and knew that it was a great opportunity for me. I joined CIM immediately after my graduation and never attended any other training program.

It was a very nice experience and the amount of confidence I gained after coming here is unexplainable. As a fresh graduate, I lacked the confidence to handle patients, but now after intensive training at CIM, I’ve become confident and can handle cases through naturopathy along with the help of chiropractic manipulations, thanks to Dr. Aditya Bapuji who taught me.

After seeing the way cases are handled here, the way consultations are conducted, the way patients are consoled and given a boost – I have learnt more here than during my degree. Our basic medical knowledge and the way the patient is being treated plays a very important role in practice.

Dr. Bapuji Sir, according to me is the best doctor, best teacher and best advisor I’ve ever met in my life.  Along with clinical and academics, he also shares with us all the practical aspects of life a doctor should be aware of.

Dr. Aditya Bapuji has a very joyful personality and is perfect in his profession. He has an abundance of patience with the patients and deals with everybody in a polite manner.

I had a very good time with both them."

- Dr. Ankur Gurugoswami , Naturopath, Nature Cure Hospital, Raipur