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<span> , Account Executive - Fisheye Creative Solutions, Bangalore</span>
"I’m Aakruti, a 22year old and been living with Thyroid for the past 6 years. It seems like it’s been passed on to me genetically as my mother and her sisters have Thyroid as well. Over the years I have been referred to a number of doctors (most of whom I just can’t remember) who hadn’t really contributed to any sort of improvement in my health. I have had consultations with a number of endocrinologists, waited for hours together in their clinics, booked appointments way ahead and always left with a doubtful and dissatisfied feeling about my health. All this came to an end when a friend of mine referred me to Dr. Bapuji and I visited him for a consultation. The first meeting with him was the day I actually knew what was wrong with me. He took time to explain everything in detail and also made me realise the importance of taking my medication (considering I had given up on Medication).Ever since, I have always been looking forward to my 3monthly consultation only because it surprises me as to how my Thyroid levels, which for 6 years were all over the place are now finally getting stable. Dr. Bapuji is one of the very few Doctors who would actually remember his patients by name and also take time out and speak to them and make them comfortable .This is something I have never seen in other Doctors. I’m greatful to Dr.Bapuji and his service and I pray that God may bless the works of his hands and shower abundant blessing on him."
- Aakruthi Thamraj , Account Executive - Fisheye Creative Solutions, Bangalore
<span> , Analyst - Deloitte, Hyderabad</span>
"My experience with nature cure clinic has been a great one. I went to Dr Bapuji and Dr Aditya with knee problem and thyroid. They spent quality time with me to know and understand my situation which is the best part of their service. With their treatment I have gotten rid of my thyroid and knee pain. I have been free of my thyroid problem for a year now. Their experience along with their expertise is what makes them stand apart from every other health care I have ever received. Completely reliable and extraordinary warmth are the words that describe them."
- Alice Jessuraj , Analyst - Deloitte, Hyderabad
"After seeing at least a dozen doctors, I’ve learned about the CIM and their expertise. I was strongly advised by my client who was desperate of my services which I was unable to deliver due to uncooperative health that the dozen doctors were unsure of what it was. Hence, I thought let CIM be the next ‘chance’. But, soon after visiting here I realized, this was supposed to be my ‘first choice’ & the doctors at CIM proved me right after the treatment. Before I met honorable Dr.Bapuji at CIM, more than the health issues, I should say, I had to suffer the misdiagnosis of the doctors, thus wrong treatment with multiple antibiotics and pain killers and their side effects. While the world already knows the expertise of honorable Dr. Bapuji, I should make a special mention about the young doctor, Mr. Aditya who is one among the very few skilled doctors I’ve met in India. The way I look at it, Mr. Aditya is very likely to teach the future doctors a way of ‘ethical practice & value patients’ in his own style of Integrated Medicine. I strongly & undoubtedly recommend CIM especially if you want to live life healthily, not just survive with suffering."
- Srikanth Chintala
"I consider myself very lucky for having been treated by Dr. Bapuji and Dr. Aditya. I can narrate in at least 10 pages of my experience about the doctors and the treatment, but in short, I would like to say that the approach towards the patient, the consultation, the treatment is really so genuine that you feel so comfortable and relaxed. Earlier doctors have suggested surgery for my cervical spine and today after being treated by Dr. Bapuji and Dr.Aditya, I have started living my normal life without any worries or depression. Today I am treated just like a family member at the clinic and there is a strong belief amongst the patients that whichever patient comes here crying (in pain) goes back laughing – this is the USP of this clinic."
- Srinivas Rao
"My experience with the clinic was really good. I received a personalized care and treatment from doctors and the staff who took their time to get to know about the patient and her problem. Everyone in the clinic is attentive to all the needs of the patient. Here, they balance their treatment strategies with careful monitoring on overall health of the patient. The massages are done by the same person throughout the treatment period. The rooms are basic, but comfortable and clean."
- Satya Sruti
<span> , Hyderabad</span>
"I was suffering from back ache and my son was suffering from a severe case of asthma. This was when, I heard of Dr. Bapuji from Mr. Subramaniam Bhat and Mr. Amrthesh Neeraje. Thus,we visited their clinic in Panjagutta where the history of our health background was taken down by the doctor in detail. He then advised us on the treatment and we were taught a few physiotherapy exercises and we are also given a handbook. This handbook helped us a lot in getting relief for the pain and the diet the doctor advised also helped. The wonderful thing about the medication is that it is very low on your purse especially since these corporate hospitals are taking ill people for a good ride, if you don’t know a doctor at the hospital."
- Harish Kalmadi , Hyderabad
<span> , Management Advisor</span>
"A good doctor is one who will cure you of your pain and physical suffering; a great doctor is one who will also relieve you and your near and dear ones of the accompanying anguish.  For some three and a half decades Dr. Bapuji has been doing precisely that.

Why let a surgeon’s scalpel pierce your spine to “cure” severe cervical spondylitis when a routine of simple spinal exercises can do the same.

Why swallow a handful of medicines thrice a day when a couple of them accompanied by a few dietary changes can achieve the same results with practically no side effects.

Why – when you have been told that you have only a few more weeks or months to live – lose hope when you know that through good diagnosis, minimal medical intervention and earthy common sense Dr. Bapuji has literally pulled many a patient from the brink.

I could go on and on but it is not necessary.  There are hundreds, indeed thousands like our family who will speak volumes about the excellent medical attention they got and how the quality of their lives has dramatically changed once they came under the care of Center for Integrated Medicine (CIM) run by Dr. Bapuji and ably assisted by his son Dr. Aditya.  The father son duo is humble enough to not play God.  They refer you, indeed take you to a specialist if that is in your best interest. Can you ask for more from a real Family Doctor?

Dr. Bapuji & Dr. Aditya  are fine human beings.  See them and their team dealing with the rich & the poor, articulate and illiterate, knowledgeable and the ignoramus with the same level of commitment, patience and courtesy.  I hope the reader of this piece will be indulgent enough to read the following personal anecdote.

My mother-in-law has been almost immobile for nearly three decades.  This condition was caused by a stroke she suffered following an overdose of anesthesia that was administered to her in the course of a routine hysterectomy (uterus removal) operation. About ten years ago – when she was almost written off – Dr. Bapuji advised orthopedic surgery to set right her spine.  The doctors who performed the surgery did an excellent job but had to put her on a catheter for regular urine discharge.  She recovered limited mobility but was compelled to live with the catheter that she thoroughly detested.  After about 4 years with the catheter she started pleading with us to get rid of it.  A round of bladder tests were conducted and she was perfunctorily told to live with the catheter for life!  When we posed this problem to Dr. Bapuji he said if the charming old lady wants to live without a catheter let’s pull it out.  As a precaution he asked me to keep a spare catheter just in case it had to be fitted again.  On the appointed day Dr. Bapuji came home and removed the catheter.   He sat by her bedside for over an hour.   By the end of the hour, my mother-in-law was able to pass urine without the catheter.  In ecstasy the frail old lady who had more steel embedded into her than bones gave an affectionate hug to Dr. Bapuji.  To this day Dr. Bapuji keeps telling us that the fond hug was the best fees he ever received!!

For nearly six years now, my mother-in-law (now 83) is doing fine without a catheter.

Thank you doc."

- PK Madhav , Management Advisor
<span> , Film Actress & Classical Dancer</span>
"My journey with CIM My first meeting with Dr Bapuji was as a gawky 7 year old with a perpetually runny nose and malaria that would visit me almost annually. Having regularly seen stern looking doctors that had hardly anything to chat about with a child, I was blown away by this tall and smiling stranger who walked into our home with a briefcase and left it with 2 relieved parents. On each of those visits, Dr Bapuji would regale us with stories; he even drew a sketch of a young girl ( he said I was the girl in the picture!) and kept it in his briefcase for the longest time ever. Over the years, doctor and his family have presided over all medical happenings in our family, from my first teeth braces to to my grandparents’s autumn years.

My career as an artist ensures that I travel regularly and have therefore had several opportunities to listen to the stories of many patients, their diagnoses and their doctors. At the end of most of these narrations, I find myself thanking my stars that my family and I are in the affectionate and safe hands of Dr. Bapuji and Dr. Aditya. This remarkable father­son duo makes sure that the diagnosis is always thorough and complete, but the treatment does not necessarily involve swallowing dozens of pills. Even though my work keeps me away from Hyderabad for weeks on end, I still call Dr Aditya (and his dad) for all my medical needs, no matter where I am. Having seen Aditya transition from swimming­class- buddy to dynamic and competent physician, I feel thankful that we continue to have a caring, warm,witty and vigilant doctors and friends watching our health at every stage.

Thanks so much doctor and Aditya!!"

- Smitha Madhav , Film Actress & Classical Dancer