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Behind every successful man, they say, is a woman.

On 27th July, Dr. Rani Bapuji was born into a family of Naturopaths. Her parents had established Naturopathy in Tamil Nadu between 1964 and1999.

Having completed her 4 year Diploma course in N.D. from Gandhi Nature Cure College, which was the only course available recognized by the Board of Indian Medicine in 1977. She met Dr. Bapuji during her course and they got married on 7th May 1977. She worked for four years as a Medical Officer at the Nature Cure Hospital, Hyderabad. She resigned from her post in 1982 with the idea to set up an Out-patient clinic for the first time in the country in the field of Naturopathy.

She realized that, for women it was difficult to leave their homes and undergo treatment at the Nature Cure hospital for months together. And even more impossible for working women. With that in mind, she started an outpatient treatment clinic, Nature Cure Health Care Center in October 1982, and was able to solve women’s problems successfully and she hasn’t looked back ever since.

A trained Psychiatric counselor and a Pranic healer, she addresses small groups of working women on the importance and maintenance of Health and how to cope with the dual responsibility of being both a housewife and a working woman.

Her articles have been published in local dailies periodically and has co-authored with Dr.Bapuji on the books,

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