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CIM- The Integrated way

At CIM we believe in keeping it simple and rely on our analytic skills to identify the cause of ailment and then plan the cure. The time tested and reliable method of preparing a detailed history and conducting basic physical examination is followed assiduously and has a distinct advantage over the current practice of suggesting a battery of tests to find the source of the problem. We resort to investigations only to confirm a possible diagnosis or to rule out any lethal conditions where a physical examination is contradictory or does not reveal the true nature of the problem. In today’s scenario it is easy to confuse medicare and healthcare and often it is found that both are projected as the same. At CIM we take the effort to distinguish between the two to ensure that patients are not confused by varying methodologies and complicated jargon.

Medicare-The way we practice it at CIM

We see medicare as a means of using modern medicine as one facet of the treatment plan which enables the following:

  • To diagnose or reach a differential diagnosis by taking a detailed history and conducting a thorough  clinical      examination through the help of specific investigations.
  • To provide immediate symptomatic relief using allopathic medicine for a very short duration.

Healthcare- The benefits of healing the natural way

We believe in the time-tested methods of nature cure. Our approach is objective and relies on the following factors:

  • Educating people on how to prevent common ailments
  • Managing chronic diseases which basically includes halting their progression and  also providing symptomatic relief in the long run. This is done by advocating lifestyle changes mainly in the form of changes in diet patterns  and simple exercises.

Over the years, Naturopathy has emerged as a much sought-after branch of medical science as more and more doctors who are trained in Naturopathy are being respected for their vast medical knowledge. It is a fact that both systems -modern medicine and naturopathy have their own limitations, but we at CIM have developed a multi-disciplinary approach that treats patients and provides a cure with a minimal usage of drugs, while providing them considerable relief.

What is Integrated Medicine?

Integrated medicine is the amalgamation of two or more established systems which are practiced together to ensure that individuals derive the best possible results from the treatment offered. It is a combination of medicare and healthcare which has the tangible effect of enhancing well-being among patients.

The benefits of Integrated medicine

Compared to a conventional single line of treatment, Integrated medicine offers the following benefits:

  • Lower medical expenses
  • Better health outcomes
  • Reduced number of drug interaction especially when patients are on medication for multiple problems

The Approach at CIM

Our time spent with patients gives us valuable insights into their personalities and backgrounds which may also indicate the cause of their ailments. We deeply empathize with our patients and are sympathetic to their anxieties and concerns. This enables us to build long and sustaining relationships with every one of them so that the trust continues and grows with time, bringing more of their family members and friends to rely on us for medical support.

What we do at CIM?
  • We spend quality time with our patients as we believe that doctors and patients have a very different understanding of a visit to a doctor.
  • We value our patients and their stories
  • We are empathetic, good listeners which allow us to build and sustain trusting professional relationships with our patients and their families, colleagues, and community members.
  • Provide guidance and care tailored for our patients need keeping in view other important aspects.